Iron County Housing Commission
An Agency of The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
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Iron County Housing Commission Vision Statement

The Iron County Housing Commission does hereby adopt a vision statement that shall encourage resident involvement to establish pride in one’s housing, to properly maintain the unit, to take pride in one’s ability to become self-sufficient, to adopt a positive self-image, to challenge residents to achieve their full potential.

To implement and utilize energy savings through the purchase of energy efficient appliances and the incorporation of energy consumption measures.

To formulate discussion and implementation of management practices to ensure a growth rate of at least ten (10) percent, over the next five (5) years.

To improve the existing sites in order to increase marketing and to establish curb appeal.

It is imperative to maintain a high performance status, (as defined by a score of ninety (90) to one hundred, (100), on the Public Housing Management Assessment Program (PHMAP).

To incorporate an automated tracing system, work orders, maintenance procedures, systems checks, by the purchase of computer hardware and software for the maintenance department.
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